Family Constellations

What is Family Constellation?

Family Constellation is a modality that addresses the imbalance in the energy fields of the families of each person. This modality has been developed by Sir Bert Helinger and he proposed a Systemic Family Constellation as a remedy to improve harmony, growth and balance in the family and family systems of an individual.

How do Family Constellations work?

FCs (Family Constellations) as it is popularly called reveal the systemic entanglements that a person has with his family members or ancestors.

Many of the problems that individuals face in their lives regarding health, work, finances and relationships arise from the entanglements that people carry from their ancestors. When an individual is not free from the burden of the incomplete Karma of the ancestors then he is unable to lead a happy and successful life.
Creating a platform where the ancestors are heard and given their due now which was left incomplete in their life can help resolve the entanglements and improve the harmonious flow of love and energy to the current and future generations thus removing factors like depression, lack of love, recognition, anger, illness and help in restoring the positive flow of energy from the ancestors.

What kind of entanglements require Family Constellation?

Systemic entanglements that arise from the following events which result in unresolved trauma can be resolved through Family Constellations:

  1. Untimely loss of a parent
  2. Untimely loss of a child
  3. Exclusion of a family member that also includes adoptions, miscarriages, still births and abortions
  4. Murder
  5. Suicide
  6. Interrupted bonding between parent and child
  7. Chronic illnesses
  8. Unresolved feelings towards former parents
  9. War experiences
  10. Migration
  11. Presence of victims and perpetrators of crime and injustice
  12. Family secrets


Family Constellations help in bringing about a shift in the way we look at situations and problems and simultaneously develoing a wider and holistic approach to finding solutions to problems.

Family Constellations help individuals and families in improving their ties and believing in the Family Tree System and this sense of belongingness helps people to lead a happier and fulfilling life.

The shift in energies for the positive is often immediate and life changing , such is the beauty and result orientation of Family Constellations. Book an appointment for a Family Constellation session.