Daily Prediction

24 aug

Daily Prediction for 24.08.2018

1. Family- The issues that you are dealing with today are related to a particular family member; put all these thoughts in a ball of blue light and hand them over to God to take care of the concern that you have
2. Change in Direction- As soon as you do this you will notice a significant change in Direction of things and your emotions
3. Cupid – God says fill this change in space with love for all mankind and let this situation be healed with utmost love and see the wonderous changes


Daily Prediction for 23.08.2018

1. Let your Past Go- Let Go of the pains of the past just keep the learnings and move on
2. Ask – Ask God and his Angels and they will immediately start processing your request
3. Joy – Joy is the magical energy and sense of saying to yourself and the world that everything is possible



Daily Prediction for 17.08.2018

1. Innocence- Give all your feelings of heaviness anger and guilt to Lord with full innocence and see the magic of His wonderful ways
2. Ground Yourself- Stand barefoot on the floor and ask Mother Earth to remove negative blocks and ground you. Once done your Angels will balance your spiritual and material needs
3. Trustworthy Guidance- You’ve received a wonderful idea as an answer to your prayers; understand that this idea is Trustworthy Guidance from God and move ahead



Daily Prediction for 09.08.2018

1. New Partner- If you are doing a business you will find a new work partner ; if you are of marriageable age you will find a life partner and if you do not fall in the above two categories a new Guardian Angel forms beautiful partnership with you from today onwards . Talk to them for all that you desire and they will respond immediately
2. Perfect Timing- Today is the perfect time for doing whatever you have been delaying or postponing; ACTION Time
3. Time to Go- It is your time to Go and choose the direction of your work; the direction of your focus; the direction of success ; the direction of all that you desire just close your eyes and look inside your Heart Chakra and you will know



Daily Prediction for 08.08.2018

1. Ask – Ask God to help you in the current situation and He will send his Angels to you for whatever legitimate that you want
2. Creative Project- Explore your creative side to experience now work opportunities for you ; there are ample just look around with full love and faith
3. Change in Direction- Your life requires a decent shift of energies in the direction where you can optimally use them ; close your eyes concentrate on your Third Eye Chakra and you will see where you need to go



Daily Prediction for 07.08.2018

Today all these cards wanted to show up so here goes :

1. Cleanse and Detoxify- God wants you to cleanse and Detoxify negativity and physical ailments and let Him handle that space
2. Family- The main thought that concerns you today revolves around a family member so give that thought to God and let him heal it in the highest and best possible order
3. Day Dream – To get your creative side working wonderfully it is great to day Dream to generate new ideas
4. Energy Work- It is important that All Earth Workers continue Energy transfer work it being the message from God and a healing energy needed for our world
5. Release and Surrender- Release all that is playing on your mind and soul and Surrender in the service of God
6. Have Confidence- Trust the Lord and see the shift instantaneously
7. Giving and Receiving- it is always a two way lane whatever you give so shall you receive; so give your best



Daily Prediction for 06.08.2018

1. Let your Past Go- keep only the lessons and love of the past and let all else go ,as if by magic, let it vanish
2. Change in Direction- The changes that you see today are directed by Almighty as you have opened your heart to His love and guidance
3. Play – Let God take care and spend some time in play today , a time away from work in love , fun, laughter


Daily Prediction for 04.08.2018

1. Assertiveness- Stay focused and stay assertive in all work and personal decisions today and don’t let your faith shake a bit
2. Have Confidence- when the Chariot is being run by the Lord why worry ?? Just enjoy the ride with peace, pleasure and trust
3. Energy Work- Doing maximum energy work today will heal your issues today so go help others without a reason


Daily Prediction for 31.07.2018

1. Cupid – Love is the centrifugal force of all that is ; so love unconditionally and give unconditionally today
2. Creative Project- Use your creative side to decipher a new project and pathway today for yourself with the abundant guidance of the Guardian Angels
3. Release and Surrender- All that is painful -release all that requires forgiveness -Ask and Surrender yourself in the service of ‘ Bhakti’ and soulful living



Daily Prediction for 30.07.2018

1. Shower of Abundance- Today God is showering wonderful Abundance on you in all spheres of life; go make the most of it
2. Listen- Listen to the signs God sends today through ideas, your conscience, your intuition
3. Blessing in Disguise- All situations you come across today will be a blessing in Disguise to your past prayers and efforts



Daily Prediction for 27.07.2018

Happy Guru Purnima to all

1. Life Purpose- what better day to define your Life and it’s purpose; go find yourself today 
2. Cleanse & Detoxify- This is both of the body and the mind ; cleanse your body and delete all negativity from your mind and soul; balance your Root Chakra and see this work fast
3. Joy- What will give you better Joy today than doing the above 2; just be with yourself for some time today and decide



Daily Prediction for 26.07.2018

1. Let your Past Go- Past is Past stay in the present moment and enjoy it’s beauty; don’t ruin your present with anything that is of no use today
2. Opportunity to Forgive- God gives you a wonderful opportunity to forgive yourself and your emotions of the past today; just let go…….
3. The Ocean- The Ocean brings beauty,vastness,depth to some and gloominess and loneliness to others; choose wisely today and enjoy that emotion expanding in your life today onwards…



Daily Prediction for 24.07.2018

1. Family- The root cause of your issue today is related to a family member ; forgive and forget and move on
2. Law of Attraction- The positive you think the positive you attract; so why do anything else
3. Energy Work- The solution to your issue today deals with being an Energy Worker today and doing one act of kindness today to bring a considerable change in someone’s life; Just go ahead and do it



Daily Prediction for 23.07.2018

Daily Prediction for 23.07.2018

1. Life Purpose- This Card has been repeatedly appearing a lot meaning that you seriously need to find and start working on it
2. Innocence- Stay humble and stay connected DIl Se…. to your Lord Almighty and see the magic unfold
3. Wedding- Those of marriageable age can start their preparations now in the fast track but with love and affection only



Daily Prediction for 18.07.2018

1. Heart Chakra- Think ‘Dil SE’ today and do the needful
2. Trustworthy Guidance- When you trust there are no if’s and but’s ; just move ahead with full faith and the guidance that is sent your way today will be the bestest
3. Relationship- Your primary relationship is with GOD and then yourself first and then the rest of the world ; so choose wisely as to whom you really want to do what you want to do today



Daily Prediction for 17.07.2018

1. Play – All work and no play is not good; so spare some time to have a good fun time with friends and family
2. Acceptance- See everyone as God’s child and stop carrying grudges
3. See only Love – look past the seeming errors, mistakes and misunderstandings and see only love within others and yourself


WhatsApp Image 2018-07-16 at 10.25.09

Daily Prediction for 16.07.2018

1. Heart Chakra – Love and be loved ; let all your pains vanish today; a matter of love a matter of the heart
2. Life Purpose – Find your Life Purpose today – for yourself and for others
3. Reward Yourself- You have been giving a lot lately ; now is your time to receive; reward yourself in meaningful ways


Daily Prediction for 11.07.2018

1. Heart Chakra- Heal your Heart Chakra today and see the wonderful change of taking decisions with love and care
2. Fresh Air- O2 is the essence of life ground yourself and breathe deeply today ; it will help you overcome all obstacles
3. Time to Go- let go the end of a situation and look for newer positive avenues to venture into today



Daily Prediction for 10.07.2018

1. Law of Attraction- Each thought is an investment that pays immediate divedends so invest invest in positive and wise thoughts
2. Relationship- Your primary relationship is with God and with yourself first ; so to heal any relationship or situation be with your Perfect Creator and see the magic unfold
3. Innocence- Everyone is guiltless in truth ; so maintain that and move ahead wisely; Give away all guilt and pain to God and enjoy the peace within


Daily Prediction for 30.06.2018

1. Law of Attraction- The wiser you think the wiser the results; so choose and invest in your thoughts carefully and with utmost positivity
2. There’s nothing to worry about- Godand his Guardian Angels are around and supporting you in the current situation to stop bothering yourself
3. Release & Surrender- Release all aches and pains today- of the body , mind and soul and let the magic begin


Daily Prediction for 28.06.2018

1. Day Dream- Day dreaming brings you closer to God through generating new Visions and ideas; it also increases and nourishes your creative side ; so today just do that
2. Innocence- Give away all the feelings of heaviness , guilt and pain to God today and enjoy the child like innocence and beauty of people and things around you
3. Ask- Ask God to help in you in the best possible way in every situation and soon you will start feeling his hand holding always with you


Daily Prediction for 27.06.2018

1. Heart Chakra- Your heart chakra is the epicentre of all loving and caring decisions; trust in God and take the right decisions NOW
2. Time to Go- It is time for old closures and new beginnings; the decisions you take today are a beginning to a bright and beautiful tomorrow
3. Trustworthy Guidance- You had asked God for something special in your prayers and the ideas that your mind is generating today is God’s way of guiding you ; move forward on HIS TRUST


Daily Prediction for 26.06.2018

1. Innocence- Stay innocent stay blessed; selfishness and being clever lead us no where; give all your negative emotions to God today and work with complete innocence
2. Joy- The Joy that follows after doing the above will bring about a change in direction in your life
3. New Partner- This Joy will lead to you finding a new partner in business or in personal life depending on what you desire.

Daily Prediction for 25.06.2018

1. Ground Yourself – Keep your head and feet both firm on the ground and see how magic begins
2. Be Hinest with Yourself- You can give a made up picture to anyone in this world but if you can’t see eye to eye in the mirror, you really need to change NOW ; be true to yourself and stop blaming situations and relationships
3. Family- Your Family is the epicentre of your reality check ; take a rebound on all wrong and lost efforts and see how beautiful Life and relationships can be.

Daily Prediction for 24.06.2018

1. Joy- Joy and happiness that follows is ecstatic; the most wonderful energy
2. Day Dream- This is also important as you generate new ideas for work and personal Life improvement
3. Creative Project – Because you can day dream you can be creative to develop a project in an artistic manner ; Go ahead and make the most of it

Daily Prediction for 23.06.2018

1. Fresh Air – Go take a walk bare foot for a great dosage of energy for your success today
2. Steady Progress- The Angels are guiding you now for great progress in your line of work just stay PUT at whatever you are doing
3. Have Confidence- Trust in the Lord and keep moving ; your Faith does not need to shake at all

Daily Prediction for 22.06.2018

1. Let your Past Go- Living in the past where you carry sad and tragic memories pulls you down in the present and also future ; Release these emotions by saying Cancel 3 times and placing your hand on your heart chakra
2. Entrepreneur- It is your time to start afresh with a new venture but only after you do your past life chord cutting
3. Cupid – love of the Lord, Guardian Angels and loved ones is around for your accomplishments for your future just believe and Move On

Daily Prediction for 21.06.2018

1. Family – your family is the epicentre of your decisions today so choose wisely else they will be affected
2. The Ocean – The Sea water takes way blockages and gives you newer horizons to focus on ; in case you live in a land locked area then bathe with a ouch of rock salt in your bathing water today
3. Energy Work- Angels today guide you to take up helpful work for people all around you especially economically weaker than you


Daily Prediction for 20.06.2018

1. Change in Direction- there a new direction of light for you in work and personal life; just gather the signs
2. Steady Progress- Work diligently to this change and you will witness steady progress for yourself
3. Notice the Signs – Guardian Angels are always around you and are showing some awesome signs just take note and keep moving ahead optimistically

Daily Prediction for 14.06.2018

1. Listen – listen to your intuitions and your Angel guidance and do what your heart is saying
2. Shower of Abundance – Listen to your Angels and God will shower Abundance in all spheres of your life
3. Energy Work- Concentrate on service through your holy diety and see the magic ; also increase your Chanting of whatever Mantras click with you


Daily Prediction for 13.06.2018

1.) Cupid: The Angels are sending lot of love for all today
2.) Joy: With great unselfish love emerges great Joy from the heart in all things you do today
3.) Change in Direction: This is happening because of your acceptance to help Angels guide you now . So just go out and give your 200% in all positive things you do today ; Let Negativity evade and be replaced by trust on your guardian angels and God Almighty

Daily Prediction for 12.06.2018

1. Single people will find a suitable right partner

2. New relationship and improvement of existing relationships is on the cards so explore them more ; and clear your grudges if any in your relationships

3. Trust in God and do the right and move forward; let your past be a thing of the past alone


Daily Prediction for 08.06.2018

. Trustworthy Guidance: Believe in the Almighty and the guidance that flows through him today ; could be through a new idea or a new opportunity that has come your way
2. Blessing in Disguise: what you are looking at as a problem is actually part of the solution your mind and Heart is seeking
3. Perfect Timing: angels are saying that today the perfect time to bring your ideas, opportunities,intuitions, inspirations into action

So stay blessed and move on

Daily Prediction for 07.06.2018

1. Single people will find a suitable right partner

2. New relationship and improvement of existing relationships is on the cards so explore them more ; and clear your grudges if any in your relationships

3. Trust in God and do the right and move forward; let your past be a thing of the past alone